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Pool Tips

How to Seamlessly Incorporate Your Pool Into Your Landscaping

December 11, 2023
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Installing a pool in your backyard can completely transform your outdoor living space. According to LiveAbout, the U.S. is a world leader when it comes to private swimming pools with an estimated 10.4 million residential pools. However, a pool that seems disconnected from the rest of your landscaping can stick out like a sore thumb. The key is to incorporate your pool in a way that flows naturally. Here are some tips for seamlessly blending your pool into your landscaping.

Choose Complementary Hardscaping

The hardscaping around your pool sets the tone for your whole backyard. Select decking, tiles, and coping stones in colors and textures that complement the materials used elsewhere in your landscape. Using the same stone for your pool deck that you used for patios and walkways helps everything flow together. If your garden features a lot of native plants and rocks, a pool with a more natural stone or concrete finish may look best.

Strategically Place Plants and Trees

Placing trees and plants around your pool helps it feel like a cohesive part of your yard. Use taller plants like ornamental grasses and bamboo to create a living fence around the perimeter. This green backdrop helps the pool blend in. Plant low-growing, lush foliage plants along the edges of the pool deck to soften the hardscaping and tie everything together.

Use the Pool as a Focal Point

Rather than trying to hide your pool away in a corner, make it a focal point of your landscape design. This gives your whole yard a purposeful look with the pool as the central feature. Place benches and seating areas around the pool to create an inviting entertainment space. Use decorative pots, sculptures, or other accents around the pool. With the pool as a main feature, your entire landscape comes together around it.

Light It Up

Good lighting is key for any outdoor space. Lighting around your pool at night can really make it an inviting backyard oasis. Use both in-pool lighting and deck/path lighting to illuminate the space. Uplighting in trees adds ambiance. Tiki torches and lanterns create a resort feel.

With some intentional design choices, you can install a pool that truly complements your backyard space rather than competing with it. Use hardscaping, plants, focal points, transitions, and lighting to incorporate your pool seamlessly into your landscaping design for a cohesive outdoor living space you’ll enjoy. Call us today at Extreme Pools Renovations to get help installing the perfect pool for your outdoor living space.