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Pool Tips

What Pool Size Is Right for My Backyard?

May 30, 2024
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When you’re planning an inground pool, one of the first decisions is determining the right size. The pool dimensions must match both your backyard space and lifestyle needs. Take the time to carefully consider your options and work with an experienced pool builder to design the perfect backyard oasis. Use this guide to help choose the ideal pool size for your yard.

Evaluate Your Yard

First, assess the backyard space you have available. Take measurements to determine the maximum dimensions and footprint possible given permanent structures, setbacks, easements, and more. Account for any areas you want to reserve for patios, plantings, lawns, or other features. Provide your pool builder with a copy of your property plat if available. They can then develop a custom pool outline that makes the most of your property. Just be sure to double check local regulations on setbacks and barriers to stay compliant.

Consider How You’ll Use It

Think about how you envision using the pool for recreation, exercise, play or just relaxation. Will you host large gatherings and parties? Do you need a deep diving area? If you have kids, allow room for them to splash and swim with friends. Planning pool features like slides, fountains, and recreational areas affect the ideal size too. Communicate your wishes to your pool builder so they can incorporate the right components to match your goals. Don’t overestimate as maintenance, heating, and filtration bills increase significantly with larger pools.

Weigh Costs and Upkeep

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to pools. According to LiveAbout, there are over 10 million swimming pools worldwide of all shapes and sizes. A larger pool makes a more impressive backyard centerpiece but requires greater initial investment and long-term upkeep. Get a detailed cost estimate from your pool builder for both construction and projected operating expenses based on different dimensions. Include things like water, electricity, chemicals, cleaning tools, repairs, and replacements over time.

By realistically assessing your available space, intended use, features and budget, you can select the ideal pool size. Give your pool builder the guidance they need by being honest about your expectations for backyard oasis. A pool that checks all your boxes while fitting your lifestyle and property is well worth the extra planning. If you’re ready to get to work creating and building your pool, reach out to us today.