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Pool Tips

3 Great Pool Designs for Fitness Swimmers

January 24, 2024

As an avid swimmer who uses the pool primarily for exercise rather than recreation, you want a space that is designed to help you get the best workout possible. When researching a pool for your home, keep these key elements in mind to ensure it meets your fitness needs.

1. Length Matters

The main priority is having ample length to complete laps. Most experts recommend at least 40 feet from wall to wall so you can swim properly without needing to flip constantly. As you likely know, flipping causes interruption to your heart rate and pacing, which compromises the quality of your aerobic activity. With 40 feet of straight-line swimming space, you can install a few wide steps at each end rather than needing full shallow areas like recreational pools have.

2. Lane Width

Second to length is having enough width in your lanes to swim properly. Single-lane pools are usually 16 feet wide which leaves little room to pass other swimmers. An 18-foot width at least is preferred, with eight feet per lane being the absolute minimum. This gives you enough personal area to swim correctly by not feeling confined or having your strokes impaired by close walls. Don’t neglect this key element in your haste to prioritize length.

3. Depth Considerations

Most lap pools have a uniform depth of four feet to five feet, which is adequate for fitness swimming. It ensures your strokes don’t hit the bottom while still allowing you to stand if needed. For recreational swimming, varied depths are nice, but for primarily working out, consistent depth is ideal. And for safety, be sure you still have multiple ladder access points even if shallow areas are not necessary with your lap pool design.

If you follow these design recommendations focused on optimizing your swimming workout rather than leisure features, you’ll create the perfect backyard pool environment to improve your fitness. According to ComfyLiving, in the United States, swimming is the 5th most popular activity. Investing time in planning will pay off tremendously when you have a space perfectly tailored to doing laps whenever the mood strikes. If you’re interested in constructing the perfect pool for your needs, Extreme Pools Renovations can help. Contact us today and let’s start the process.