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Pool Tips

What Are the Benefits of a Fully-Automated Pool?

March 25, 2024
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The right pool contractor stays abreast of the latest pool technology to meet clients’ needs better. Automation is at the forefront of pool innovation. A fully automated pool delivers some incredible benefits.

1. Ultimate in Convenience

Pool automation makes owning a pool very convenient. One of the main reasons more people don’t have a pool installed is that they don’t want to deal with the upkeep or the expense of paying someone else for the upkeep. Automated pool systems ensure hygiene, cleanliness, filtration, and balance all from one central hub that you can easily access.

2. Safety and Control

Many automated systems have safety features like sensors and alarms. Features like automatic covers and sensor alarms can enhance the safety of your pool. It can also provide peace of mind because the systems can be accessed remotely, so you can easily check your pool wherever you are. With remote access, you can monitor your pool, change settings, activate the cover, and more.

3. Save Energy and Water

Pool automation can mean energy and water conservation. An automated system optimizes pump use to reduce energy consumption. These systems reduce the need for water changes by optimizing circulation and filtration.

With automation, owning a pool is not only easier, but it is more affordable. There is a range of automation features that can be incorporated into your pool design by a professional pool contractor. These features will change how you look at owning a pool, reduce overall costs, and ensure that your pool is nothing but enjoyable.

According to Statista, there are more than 10 million swimming pools around the world, and swimming is the fifth most utilized activity in the United States. Don’t deny yourself the joy of owning a pool because you’re worried about keeping it in great shape. Consider working with a contractor that provides fully-automated pools and access control systems for ease of use.

Pool automation is a game changer and takes the work out of owning a pool. If you’re looking to connect with a pool contractor who can offer you all the bells and whistles of pool automation, look no further than Extreme Pools Renovations. Call us today to learn more about pool installations or upgrades to your current pool.