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Pool Tips

Do Salt Pools Have Chlorine?

October 26, 2022

The concept of a saltwater pool has many people thinking that their pools will be like the ocean and have a large amount of salt added. But the truth is that this type of pool is perfect for personal use and is similar, although different, to the standard chlorine pool filtration system. To understand how these types of pools work, here are some things that you will want to know about saltwater pool systems.

Facts About Saltwater Pools

There are a lot of things that people think they know about saltwater pools from what they have heard from other people. But here are a few things that are known facts about this kind of pool.

1. Saltwater pools still produce chlorine through the process known as electrolysis. This kind of system uses electricity to interact with salt water. The process releases the chlorine typically found in salt. And that is why you may smell chlorine when coming out of the water.

2. Saltwater is easier on the skin than some people think. Chlorine pools are a little brasher on the skin. You may find that your eyes will be a little less red from swimming in a saltwater pool.

3. A saltwater pool has less salt content than your teardrop. Many think a saltwater pool is as salty as the ocean, but the amount of salt in a pool is far less than many think.

4. The cost to maintain this type of pool runs like a chlorine-based system

5. The type of chemicals that you will use will be different than the traditional chlorine system. The shock products and other items needed to maintain a healthy balance must be used regularly.

The preference between saltwater and chlorine pools comes down to the individual. Some people are more familiar with the salt option and will continue with that pool style. But for others, a chlorine pool is for them. But no matter what pool style you want, the chlorine will still smell as you exit the water.