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Pool Tips

Where Should I Keep the Water Level in My Pool?

October 31, 2022
pool builder

Swimming is fun, refreshing on a hot day, and a great form of exercise. It’s also the fifth most popular thing to do in the United States, according to ComfyLiving. If a pool builder has constructed a pool, you may be curious about where to keep the water level. Read on for more information about your swimming pool’s proper water level.

Where Should I Keep the Water Level for a Pool?

The water level should be kept right in the middle of the pool’s tile line so that the skimmer can function as needed but will not be too low and draw air into the plumbing lines. The skimmer is the part of the pool that helps to remove leaves and other debris from the surface of the water.

What Happens if the Water Level Is Too Low?

If the water level falls below the skimmer’s weir, it can cause damage to the pump. The pump may start to suck in air which will cause it to overheat and eventually break. Additionally, if the water level is too low, the pool’s filter may not be able to function correctly.

What Happens if the Water Level Is Too High?

If the water level is too high, then it can cause the skimmer to stop working as intended. A high water level can cause the pool’s pump to work less efficiently. It may also result in overflow if there is rain.

Why Is the Water Level Important?

The water level is essential because it ensures that the skimmer works correctly and that the pump is not damaged. Since water level can affect the filter, you may end up with a dirty or contaminated pool.

How Do I Keep the Water Level Consistent?

You can use a pool cover to help keep the water level consistent. A pool cover will also help keep your pool clean and reduce evaporation. You can also purchase a water leveler, which is a device that you attach to the side of the pool. The leveler will automatically keep the water at the proper level.

In conclusion, your pool’s water level should be kept in the middle of the tile line. A high or low water level can cause problems with the skimmer and pump. Keeping the water level consistent helps your pool’s working parts stay in good condition.