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Pool Tips

How a Pool Benefits Your Children’s Activity Levels

August 8, 2023
swimming, kids swimming in pool

Swimming is a great exercise and recreational activity; a swimming pool benefits all ages. However, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, about 36% of children and teens aged between 7 and 17 go swimming about six times a year, compared to 15% of adults. Since swimming can be popular with kids, you should build a custom inground pool at home. Here are some ways it can benefit children.

Decrease the Risk of Chronic Disease

Unfortunately, children can suffer from chronic diseases just as much as adults. Chronic diseases include heart disease, obesity, hypertension, and diabetes. Children who aren’t active enough and don’t follow a proper diet can get these chronic diseases that can impact their lifespan. Healthline says children need about an hour of aerobic activity daily, and swimming helps.

Improve Mood

It’s no secret that teenagers can become moody due to hormonal changes or issues with school. Help your teenager get into good spirits by giving them regular home swimming access. People often feel happier while swimming. Since it’s exercise, the brain will release endorphins, hormones that make you feel better. Building a custom inground pool may be what your budding teen needs to feel better.

It’s Fun

Swimming is simply fun. Since swimming is so fun and it’s easy to do with your friends or family, it’s an easy activity to keep your kids away from the electronics or out of their bedroom. Because it’s so fun, it feels like something other than a regular workout. Since it doesn’t feel like a regular workout, people, including kids and teens, are more likely to do it for longer and get the benefits of being active.

Gain Strength

The buoyancy of water provides an excellent level of natural resistance against the muscles. When you do water aerobics, you get the impact of that resistance without hurting your ligaments. So you can build strength as you exercise and swim in the water regularly.

If you want to see your kids and teens active, promote swimming in their lives. Swimming is a great low-impact activity that provides exercise, a better mood, and the ability to avoid chronic disease. If you want to give your family the gift of a custom inground pool, contact our local team today for more information.