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Pool Tips

How Can I Give My Pool Installation a Modern Look?

October 4, 2023
swimming pool

An inground pool is a great investment not only for the value it’ll add to your property but also for the value it’ll add to your life. According to ComfyLiving, swimming is the fifth most popular activity in the US, and when you have an inground pool, finding an ideal place to exercise and play with the kids just became a lot more convenient.

Of course, it’s important to make sure that your investment isn’t only functional but also matches your aesthetic. For homeowners that love a good mid-century modern look, you may want to transfer that aesthetic to your inground swimming pool. But how exactly do you make a swimming pool look modern? Here are a few key ways our designers and contractors can give you a pool you’ll love.

Opt for Clean Lines

One of the most common features of modern design, whether it’s a dining table or a swimming pool, is clean lines. To give your pool a modern look and feel, make sure to tell your pool contractors at Extreme Pools Renovations that you would like a simple rectangular pool. These clean lines can easily be transferred to the pool steps and/or sun shelf. The trick is to avoid rounded corners and edges.

You can also give your pool’s hot tub area the same treatment, with sleek lines and steps separating it from the rest of the pool. Consider making this area a square or rectangular rather than a circle.

Choose Rectangle Stepping Stones

On the topic of clean lines, if you include stepping stones in your pool for easy in-water (and out-of-water) navigation, opt for rectangular or square stepping stones. You can also use these stepping stones as an attractive separator for your pool’s hot tub area or plunge pool.

Avoid Rustic Stone

Rustic stones can be a gorgeous way to evoke a natural aesthetic in your pool. However, you may want to avoid it during your pool installation and opt instead for a waterline tile pattern that’s either classic-colored or has a metallic finish. This will make the pool look chic and current. Other tile ideas include white precast coping, gray marble ledge stone, and gray water line tile.

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