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Pool Tips

What Makes a Swim Spa Different From a Pool?

February 27, 2024
inground pool

Many people think an inground pool is the go-to choice for outdoor amenities. According to ComfyLiving, 17.12% of people aged 18-29 nationwide own a spa, pool, or hot tub. However, a swim spa is quickly becoming the most popular choice. There are several key differences between the two options.


You can customize certain things about an inground pool, such as the watercolor and shape. However, a swim spa offers several additional options. Being able to customize the water temperature is standard. You can also adjust the flow of jets or current speed and other spa features.

Final Size

An inground pool is known for usually being more significant than most swim spas. This makes them an excellent choice for large get-togethers and pool parties. On the other hand, a swim spa is often known for being smaller. These spas are typically about 26 feet long. They are also known for being deeper to ensure plenty of swimming room.


A swimming spa and pool can technically be used for fitness. Nothing is going to stop you from swimming laps in your inground pool. However, a swim spa is specially designed for fitness enthusiasts. Swimming against the current helps work core muscles and increases endurance, making this the ultimate choice for anyone who loves to work out in the water.

Spa Section

Swim spas are dually functional. Owners can easily enjoy an intense workout as they swim against the current. Then, they can relax in the spa section to help relieve tired muscles. Some swim spas also feature hydromassage areas and let you adjust the temperature of the jets. You get a swim spa and hot tub in one. However, this does depend on the make and model.

Indoor Use

Swim spas provide more versatility because of their smaller size. You can find a swim spa in almost any size to suit you and your home. Many people place them on decks outside, but you can install a swim spa inside your house. These are a popular option for basement gym studios.

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