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Pool Tips

Tips for Caring for Your Concrete Inground Pool

December 5, 2022

There are simple ways to take care of your concrete inground pool. Caring for your concrete pool can help extend the life of your concrete pool. These simple tips will help keep your concrete pool looking great year-round.

1. Skim Your Pool Regularly

It is hard to avoid getting debris in your pool. Leaf litter and other debris should be removed regularly. Leaf litter and other organic debris must be removed before they can sink to the pool’s bottom and decompose. It will stain the concrete of your pool which can be very hard to remove.

2. Use a Brush to Brush Your Pool

A long-handled brush can scrub the side of your pool walls and the pool floor. Using a brush to loosen stuck dirt will help to keep your pool clean. These surfaces can harbor bacteria, algae, and other germs. Scrubbing your pool weekly can help loosen debris that you can easily vacuum away.

3. Vacuum The Pool Once a Week

After scrubbing your pool, you will need to use a pool vacuum to remove the debris that was cleaned from the interior of your pool. Vacuuming your pool is an essential part of pool maintenance. You may have to vacuum the pool more often if you notice that your pool is dirty.

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